You are Cat: Destroyer of Apartments! And you have one night to wreak maximum destruction without waking up your owners. Push, swipe, and knock over everything to cause as much Chaos as you can- but don't get too HISS-terical! If your Wakedness Meter reaches 100, your owners will cut your CATaclysm short.

NOTE: if playing in-browser, full-screen is highly recommended for optimal gameplay.

Created by Emily Freise, Clarissa Goldsmith, Matt Haberbusch, and Ben Shrager for Prof. Michael Fu's EECS 290 Introduction to Computer Game Design and Implementation at Case Western Reserve University, spring 2019.

Emily was sound design lead and contributed to coding, Clarissa created backgrounds and the intro screens, Matt drew most assets, and Ben was coding lead. Our cat model is Emily's cat, Ferdinand.


Windows-Build 25 MB

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